Hi I'm Shannan–nutritionist, educator and dry shampoo aficionado dedicated to helping you create more confidence in your life.

I'm proud to have built a global community of strong, empowered women who play by their own rules and fuel their passions with a balanced, holistic lifestyle. Through our first-class training programs, we've helped thousands of women to transform their lives, and now I can't wait to help YOU do the same.


But first...


I get stuff done. Let me explain. When I was 7, I got lost at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. You may remember it as the year of the Magnificent Seven in gymnastics or the one where the terrorist uni-bomber attacked Centennial Olympic Park. I remember it as “the one where I got really lost and gave my parents a mild heart attack.”

Here’s the scene: I’d just seen my idol and namesake, Shaquille O’Neal, play for the first time. It was amazing and I was excited and… not paying attention to anything but those shiny Olympic pins in the kiosks. So, I get separated from my family and I realize whoooops. I just got lost in the biggest crowd I’ve ever been in in my life.

So, I do what any normal child would do. (Read: this is not normal.) I sat down on the curb, surveyed my options, and walked straight up to a circle of police officers for help. A few minutes and several megaphones later (you guys, the car phone was in the car, how did we even survive before cell phones? file under: questions I plan to ask Zach Morris…) and the whole misplacement of said-child event was over.

Why am I telling you this story? Touché. Two reasons: (1) I am not a patient person, and (2) I like to get things done… now. When I decide I’m ready to do something, I’m all in. As you can imagine, this makes me a terrible cook.  I have zero patience for it–the marinating, the chopping, the whole ordeal. You may also guess how this affects my ability to plan. Vague, far-off events like a Thursday? Yeah, no way am I making a decision about that on a Monday. 

But here’s the thingmy passion for sports turned into a career in wellness (thanks Shaq!) and I started working with other passionate, busy people, and turns out, I’m not alone in this! Eating healthy is hard. It’s time-consuming. It’s complicated. And there are so many overwhelming rules. Eat this. Don’t ever eat that. It’s like “are we swiping or using the chip here” because it seems no one is on the same page.


We're bringing simple back.


 I’m on a mission to reinvent fast, healthy food.

The kind you whip up with whatever random things you have in the kitchen, in ten minutes or less, while lip syncing to James Corden’s newest carpool karaoke. Because your life should be fun and your food should be easy like Sunday morning. 

Over the past few years, the nutrition simply community has grown to over 11k women from all over the world. Smart, sassy, motivated women from New York City, London, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Melbourne and hundreds of cities around the globe.

We're mothers, sisters, friends, teachers, lawyers, spin instructors, wellness coaches and most importantly–strong confident brave women who aren't afraid to get stuff done.


Let's talk about you.


And I'm passionate about helping you do just that. As a registered dietitian and nutrition coach, I've helped thousands of people just like you to become their healthiest and most energetic self. As a personal branding strategist and mentor for fellow wellness entrepreneurs, I've taught hundreds of dreamers like you to use their unique style and voice to reach more people and change more lives. My work has been featured in Fox News, the Feed Feed, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Glitter Guide, Style Me Pretty and many more, and I'm honored and excited you've found me here.

Here you'll find no-nonsense inspiration for your busy life. You’ll learn about how to lose weight and feel your most confident and energized yet, and you’ll learn about loving your body and finding whole health, no matter where you're at on your journey.

You’ll join a powerful community of supportive women. Women who get stuff done. Women who aren’t afraid to put themselves first and create a life they truly love, inside and out. Women who support each other in looking and feeling their best.

You'll also join the ranks of top-notch wellness entrepreneurs. The most dedicated and passionate nutritionists and health coaches who are cheering each other on and spreading their wellness message with the world. Genuine, authentic and p.s.! seriously. cool. women.

Whatever your goals, I’m here for ya, lady. Whether you’re trying to get healthy and fit or build the wellness business you’ve always dreamed about, I’ve got your back. So today, if you're struggling with infertility, or body image or post-partum depression...if you're feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about where to even begin starting your own business... wherever you may be in your story...know that I'm here for you... and my team and I will do everything we can to help you achieve your wildest dreams. All you have to do is say yes.




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