3 thoughts that stop you before you start– and how to get over 'em

I’ll never forget the first time I hit “publish” and shared something–something that I created–online. In public. For all the world to see.

(Ok, to be fair–there is a chance I published a MySpace account long before *this* moment, but I think I speak for all of us when I say…may all the MySpace accounts in history be buried in the black holes of the world wide web, never to be seen or heard from ever again. Okay, but back to my story.)

The minute I hit “publish” and shared my dream with the world…I immediately felt like I was standing in the middle of Times Square in broad daylight in my underwear.

Except they weren’t the cute trendy kind. And also it looked a little bit like I’d eaten a few too many donuts.

I felt embarrassed. Not good enough. And ready to crawl back under my cozy, ratty covers and never come back out (so..like MySpace in 2007 basically).

The same 3 thoughts started playing in a never-ending loop in my mind:

“But what will people think?”

“But what if I fail?”

“And what if...after all this...I’m not good enough?”

Fast forward to today, and in the past 3 years, I’ve done a LOT of things that left me feeling like I was standing on a stage naked (and not the kind where they give away trophies and prizes).

And over the past few years, I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking me HOW. How do you do it? How do you get over the fear of trying something new? Putting yourself out there?

In fact, this is the most common question I get. So I decided to make a video for you and share exactly how to deal with these fears so you can finally get out of your comfort zone and do the things you were meant to do.

Pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, and let’s chat about what’s stopping you from getting started–and how to get over it.

(And if you want to skip straight to the good stuff about how I grew my business, you can step right up and register here for a free training I'm teaching on how YOU can grow your following AND get featured more - even if you still feel itty-bitty. Click here to register for that right now).

From the bottom of my heart, I believe you were meant for so much more, and the only thing holding you back is yourself. You CAN do this. You just have to start.

Now it’s your turn! What big dream do you have right now, and what’s keeping you stuck? Leave a comment after the video and tell me about it, plus 1 thing you’re going to do right now to get unstuck.

Here’s to getting naked together.

(I just really couldn’t help myself. I’m kidding. Figuratively naked of course. Unless you’re not kidding…no no I’m totally kidding. It’s just that I just watched the trailer for Baywatch and…what’s that? why am I still talking? Keep your clothes on? Yes, yes good advice. Carry on.)

xx shan

Summer bod goals? We got you.

If Kanye's Workout Plan included pre- and post-workout snacks, THIS would be it.

If you’re hoping to get it right and get it tight for the summer (his words, not mine. no okay fine mine too)…

…you need a knockout plan for what to eat and when.

Getting that summer bod is 80% good nutrition and 20% exercise, and lucky for you, I’ve got some really simple (and oh ps bomb) ideas for your summer slim down.

(Did I mention cookie dough is involved? Cookie dough is involved.)

Spring is always a good time to check-in and hit the reset button, get outside and be more active with the warmer weather, plus I want you to feel your most confident yet this summer.

And if you’ve ever wondered, “what should I eat before and after a workout?” this video is for you.

After you watch, I’d love to hear what questions you have about workout nutrition!

If there’s anything Kanye and I can help with…

…one of us is here for you. (I just really can’t speak for him rn but I’m sure he’s there in spirit.)

xx shan

5 Not-So-Average Toast Ideas (for when there is literally not time)

Let's all agree to agree that sitting down for a real meal is lovely–but not always (read: ever) the norm.

It's more like..."I think I ate lunch today? Ya I definitely ate lunch today. Pretty sure. Ya I definitely ate something for lunch today." While I'd love to say something about slowing down, spending more time in the kitchen, yada yada...I'm a realist. And in real life, sometimes you're lucky to eat a spoonful of peanut butter and call it good. (so so guilty)

And rather than beat ourselves up about not getting in a "real meal" I say, why don't we all collectively lower our standards?

Do the bare minimum. Try less. Give zero effs. (Stay with me here...I swear this isn't terrible advice.) What I mean is, instead of expecting 3 perfect meals a day and then feeling like a lousy failure every. single. day. (when reality couldn't be further from that expectation)...

...what if instead we expected a few random healthy things–and when and how we ate em wasn't really a big deal? Family vote: all in favor say I! (Actually this is a dictatorship not a democracy so if you're vote is nay get outta here.)

And when your bare minimum looks like THIS, well let's just say, you deserve a pat on the back.

Turn around, I got you. Wait that sentence came out weird. I just meant turn around so I could...ok no it's just not translating. High five. Here's a high five. 🖐🏻

Here are 5 creative toast ideas for that quickie meal, running-out-the-door breakfast, I'm-starving-and-need-food-NOW, basically anytime you want something healthy and delicious that's not a cookie.

(ugh I know, I always want a cookie too. but this is way better for you. promise.)

After you watch I'd love to hear from you in the comments, what are your kinda-random-but-good-for-you healthy foods you love to make?

Kinds of quick foods you'd love to see more of? My team and I create these videos directly from YOUR questions and comments, so basically your wish is my command. Hit us up yo.

May your standards be lowered and your toasts be delicious. Amen.

xx shan

Nutrition Simply Studio Tour + 3 Lessons I Learned Moving In

You know that feeling you get after you do something BIG?

Get married. Move across the country. Have a baby. [any other major life change here]. And after the excitement starts to wears off and reality sinks in and you think to yourself...what in the world did I just get myself into? What if I can't do this? What if it doesn't work out? What if this is crazy and I'm crazy and how did no one stop meeee? (seriously how?!)

Let's just say, I've gotten *very* intimate with that feeling the past few weeks.

A little over a month ago I signed a lease on our first ever office space for nutrition simply–a beautiful studio in downtown Augusta, Georgia– and I wanted to share with you a little more about the process and give you a peak inside the new space! I know there's a good chance you're not shopping for office space and making decisions about the terms of a lease right now, (shocking I know) but...

There's a good chance there's something you want to do...something you're dreaming about...and hoping for...and wanting desperately to do...

But it's big and scary and new, uncharted territory. You might be asking yourself things like "what if it doesn't work out?" "what if I can't do this?" "what if I'm not good enough and I'm a horrible failure and everyone see how much of a terrible wreck I am?"  ...and I get it because I've had all those same questions (except the last one. ok fine. especially the last one).

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, you'll see this video is a bit longer and more intimate than normal, because I really want you to know, if there's something you want....I hope you just go for it.

Because doing new things isn't supposed to be easy. Things that are exciting and admirable and worth while require a lot of work. It's usually scary. And almost always overwhelming at first. And the question isn't "is it gonna work out" it's "am I going to do what it takes to make it work?"

Okay enough chit chat. Here's the big reveal!

So this is just a gentle reminder that it's okay to be scared.

You CAN do this. It WILL all work out. Everything's going to be okay. And I hope you do something big and kinda scary this week ;)

THANK YOU from the bottom of my very emotional heart for being a part of the nutrition simply community.

You're the reason nutrition simply grew from a (kinda crazy) 1-woman show to a community of 11,000 strong, and we couldn't be more humbled and grateful to get to keep sharing with you.

Here's to (lots and lots) more recipes, videos, classes, inspiration and (oh so much more) for your most confident life yet. Sending all of our love. 

xx shan + the nutrition simply team

Free Live Masterclass: How to Take Amazing iPhotos

It's baaaack!

For the first time in 6 months, I'm teaching my most popular free live masterclass: How to Take Amazing iPhotos.

Tell me if this sounds like you: Awards you could win (but wish you couldn't):

"Instagram's best kept secret!"
"The 1 account you should be following, but have never actually heard of"
"Great content! But kinda, semi-okay pictures"

You want to step up your Insta game, but you're missing a crucial piece like:

  • a professional photographer to follow you around and take pictures of you all day, (quick! Blue Steel!)
  • an Instagram husband (do these even exist in real life? do we even want one? file under: existential questions)
  • a glam life with an unlimited clothing and design budget (if these do exist, let me be clear, I want one.)

GOOD NEWS. You don't *actually* need any of that to win at Instagram. 

When I started my Instagram account the closest thing I had was a 2 year old child obsessed with taking pictures of his toes and an extensive collection of seriously oversized, baggy t-shirts. Sound more like your life? I thought so.

Well, worry no more, because, ma friend, I got your back.

Join me for this FREE live masterclass: how to take amazing photos with your iPhone. 

I've used iphone photography to grow my Instagram following to over 11,000 and get re-posts in places like Women's Health, The Body Book, and Athleta and I'm sharing alllll my insider secrets in a brand new masterclass: how to take amazing iphotos.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the exact process I've used to take beautiful pics with my iPhone, get featured in major magazines and media outlets, and grow my business from my kitchen table in a teeny basement studio apartment into a global community.

In this free live class, you'll learn:

♦️ The 4 steps to take pictures that get you noticed and featured (for the non-photographer)

♦️ The #1 rule every photo I take follows (and why yours should too)

♦️ The top 2 apps you need to transform pictures from “pass” to “YASS!” (& how to use them)

You'll learn the step-by-step process to create beautiful, point and shoot iphotos, create a stunning, cohesive Instagram feed and get more likes, followers and Insta-fame, you cute thing you.

Don't snap another photo until you take this class. 

Okay 1, or 2, but definitely not 3. 

Ya, sign up before you take 3 more photos. That'd be good.

K see you soon!

xx shan

How to Make a Macro Bowl

Remember Hawaiian Haystacks? Those glorious bowls piled high with delicious sweet pineapple and rice and kind of, whatever else you had in the fridge? Macro Bowls are like the grown up, healthier version of that. Perfectly balanced in macronutrients (hence the name–macro), versatile, delicious and easy to throw together with whatever you have on hand.

Today I’m breaking it down for you so you can make your own macro bowl and devour a perfectly balanced bowl of delishness without spending too much time in the kitchen. Bonus points: Instagram was literally *made* for meals like these.

Step One: Pick your grain.

Quinoa, farro, wild rice, lentils or any other ancient or whole grain of your choosing. I usually go for quinoa or 10-minute farro because I can cook them in ten minutes while I prep the rest of the bowl. A lot of ancient grains take a bit longer to cook, so it’s a good idea to pick one at the beginning of the week and prep to have on hand easily and quickly.

Step Two: Add your veggies.

Always more veggies. Crunchy, cruciferous and leafy veggies are best as they’re typically higher in nutrients and lower in sugar. Kale or spinach can be roasted or steamed quickly and I love a quick microwaved sweet potato for a veggie-centric meal that doesn’t require lots of veggie chopping and veggie cooking.

Step Three: Pick your protein.

Chicken, fish, steak, tofu, tempeh, eggs...anything you like. This should be no surprise either, I usually go fried egg, because #time. I recommend having at least one protein prepped, cooked and ready to add to meals throughout the week at all times. Even if it’s just a whole roast chicken you pick up cooked from the grocery store.

Step Four: Add a healthy fat.

You can never go wrong with avocado or just a simple olive oil dressing. Creamy salad dressings or vinaigrettes work really well, or you can add a dollop of sour cream or greek yogurt to balance out your meal and add a little pop of flavor.

Top it with some nuts or seeds or anything else you want and dig in! Macro bowls are so fun because the possibilities are literally endless, no recipe is needed, and it’s a quick and foolproof healthy meal for any night of the week. I’d love to see what you make! Post your macro bowl to Instagram and tag me @shannanmonson and @athleta and use the hashtag #showmeyourmacrobowl so we can see! Happy eating!

xx shan

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