The Only Food "Rules" You Should Ever Follow

Paleo! Vegan! Gluten-free! Ever feel like you start diets like Oprah gives away free things? (You get a diet! You get a diet! You get a diet!) your food "rules" are really ruling you?

Here's the thing. You're a grown-A, responsible human being who knows how to be in a committed relationship and still have a good time.

Gone are the days of going through diets like flavors-of-the-week. 🍦

The minute your "diet" starts to feel confining, restricting and's time to throw the rules out the window.

We breakin' dishes...all night. (cue Rihanna) 

So if you're frustrated, bored, and sick of all the overwhelming rules (can't a girl just have a slice of pizza?! yes. yes she can) then this one's for you.

In this episode, you'll learn the science of eating well, how to learn the rules so you can break them, and the art of eating so you can live a healthy, balanced lifestyle with a side of pizzazz. 


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Remember, protein + fat + carbohydrate (usually veggies)...the rest is only limited by your own creativity and imagination.

Scratch that, by the creativity and the imagination of the internet because its 2016 and thank you food bloggers of the world wide web. We salute you.

After you watch, share in the comments, what takeaways or a-ha moments did you have?

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