3 Mindset shifts you need to make to slay your goals #likeaboss

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done a 30 day challenge and rocked it.

I mean you really crushed it.

You quit sugar. You worked out like a boss.

I’m talking move over Beyonce because girl SLAY.

And then day 31 came and if someone were to make a meme of your morning it would say “went to the store to get almond milk…came home with 3 tubs of ice cream and a dozen Krispy Kreme.”

(Raising my hand so hard right now.)

If you’re really good at sticking to a goal for a short period of time…

And then 💩 hits the fan when you “make it” to the end date…

Then hey girl hey. This one is for you.

In today’s episode you’ll learn the 3 simple mindset shifts you need to make to crush it at making (and keeping) long-term goals.

After you watch, comment below and share: what's 1 goal you're struggling with right now?

Not eating all the leftover candy corn?

Just saying "no!" when Netflix asks if you want to watch the next episode and it's already 11pm?

Working on your new website you've been swearing you'll launch "next month"? 

Share with us in the comments along with one mindset shift you're gonna make to start crushing it (for real this time) starting now.

Slay girl slay. Beyonce would be proud.