4 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

What's my morning routine like? Well it starts at 4:30am. I wake up naturally, no alarm, meditate for a few minnn…oh wait, no, sorry I’M LYING. 

Usually I wake up around 6:15 to a tiny human in my face, sometimes covered in chocolate or treats from who knows where, and requests for chicken nuggets, hot wheel racers or something equally random and usually at least a little bit jarring.

The truth is my “routine” is hectic at best. Even on the best days, I get why eating a healthy breakfast sometimes feels impossible.

 Yes, fresh garden omelettes and little avocado roses sound delightful, but let's be real...most days sitting down to a fancy meals is a luxury you just don’t have. (Except on Saturdays. Saturdays are my jam.)

That’s why I’m so passionate about making healthy eating fast and seriously simple.

 It doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time. And honestly, it doesn’t even have to be that hard. 

And, today I'm really excited because I get to introduce you to my BRAND.  NEW. WEBSHOW. (!!!) 

We're kicking off the first episode with my 4 favorite make-ahead and "no-cooking-required" breakfast ideas for busy mornings. Click to watch the full video + say goodbye to cold cereal and granola bars foreva.

After you watch, share with us in the comments, what's your go-to breakfast when mornings get a little cray cray?

Which new quick and easy healthy breakfast idea are you going to try this week? (Dibs that mint chocolate chia pudding! 🙋🏻 )

Watch out mornings. We're coming for you. [insert fist pumps here]