My Top 5 Apps + Tools for Instagram

A few days ago we chatted about the 5 steps to get better iPhone pics. I shared all the Instagrammer secrets to get the perfect shot everytime–no fancy life or clean house required.

(On that note, if a magical fairy godmother wants to come clean up the tornado that is currently my house right now, I’d be down with that.)

But like any good hostess knows, if you’re serving dinner without dessert…why even bother? Don't. Please don't bother.

So as promised, today I’m sharing my top 5 apps and tools to edit and share your photos like a rockstar. Dinner, meet berry streusel pie. (wink, wink)

If you’ve ever looked at someone else’s Instagram feed and asked yourself: “howww do all their pictures fit together so perfectly? everything matches and the colors are all coordinating–WHAT AM I MISSING?”

You’re in luck. The answer? These 5 apps and tools to transform your iphotos and grow your Instagram following.

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xx shan