Nutrition Simply Studio Tour + 3 Lessons I Learned Moving In

You know that feeling you get after you do something BIG?

Get married. Move across the country. Have a baby. [any other major life change here]. And after the excitement starts to wears off and reality sinks in and you think to yourself...what in the world did I just get myself into? What if I can't do this? What if it doesn't work out? What if this is crazy and I'm crazy and how did no one stop meeee? (seriously how?!)

Let's just say, I've gotten *very* intimate with that feeling the past few weeks.

A little over a month ago I signed a lease on our first ever office space for nutrition simply–a beautiful studio in downtown Augusta, Georgia– and I wanted to share with you a little more about the process and give you a peak inside the new space! I know there's a good chance you're not shopping for office space and making decisions about the terms of a lease right now, (shocking I know) but...

There's a good chance there's something you want to do...something you're dreaming about...and hoping for...and wanting desperately to do...

But it's big and scary and new, uncharted territory. You might be asking yourself things like "what if it doesn't work out?" "what if I can't do this?" "what if I'm not good enough and I'm a horrible failure and everyone see how much of a terrible wreck I am?"  ...and I get it because I've had all those same questions (except the last one. ok fine. especially the last one).

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, you'll see this video is a bit longer and more intimate than normal, because I really want you to know, if there's something you want....I hope you just go for it.

Because doing new things isn't supposed to be easy. Things that are exciting and admirable and worth while require a lot of work. It's usually scary. And almost always overwhelming at first. And the question isn't "is it gonna work out" it's "am I going to do what it takes to make it work?"

Okay enough chit chat. Here's the big reveal!

So this is just a gentle reminder that it's okay to be scared.

You CAN do this. It WILL all work out. Everything's going to be okay. And I hope you do something big and kinda scary this week ;)

THANK YOU from the bottom of my very emotional heart for being a part of the nutrition simply community.

You're the reason nutrition simply grew from a (kinda crazy) 1-woman show to a community of 11,000 strong, and we couldn't be more humbled and grateful to get to keep sharing with you.

Here's to (lots and lots) more recipes, videos, classes, inspiration and (oh so much more) for your most confident life yet. Sending all of our love. 

xx shan + the nutrition simply team