5 Not-So-Average Toast Ideas (for when there is literally not time)

Let's all agree to agree that sitting down for a real meal is lovely–but not always (read: ever) the norm.

It's more like..."I think I ate lunch today? Ya I definitely ate lunch today. Pretty sure. Ya I definitely ate something for lunch today." While I'd love to say something about slowing down, spending more time in the kitchen, yada yada...I'm a realist. And in real life, sometimes you're lucky to eat a spoonful of peanut butter and call it good. (so so guilty)

And rather than beat ourselves up about not getting in a "real meal" I say, why don't we all collectively lower our standards?

Do the bare minimum. Try less. Give zero effs. (Stay with me here...I swear this isn't terrible advice.) What I mean is, instead of expecting 3 perfect meals a day and then feeling like a lousy failure every. single. day. (when reality couldn't be further from that expectation)...

...what if instead we expected a few random healthy things–and when and how we ate em wasn't really a big deal? Family vote: all in favor say I! (Actually this is a dictatorship not a democracy so if you're vote is nay get outta here.)

And when your bare minimum looks like THIS, well let's just say, you deserve a pat on the back.

Turn around, I got you. Wait that sentence came out weird. I just meant turn around so I could...ok no it's just not translating. High five. Here's a high five. 🖐🏻

Here are 5 creative toast ideas for that quickie meal, running-out-the-door breakfast, I'm-starving-and-need-food-NOW, basically anytime you want something healthy and delicious that's not a cookie.

(ugh I know, I always want a cookie too. but this is way better for you. promise.)

After you watch I'd love to hear from you in the comments, what are your kinda-random-but-good-for-you healthy foods you love to make?

Kinds of quick foods you'd love to see more of? My team and I create these videos directly from YOUR questions and comments, so basically your wish is my command. Hit us up yo.

May your standards be lowered and your toasts be delicious. Amen.

xx shan