How to Grow Your Instagram Following: Jimmy Fallon-style

ICYMI last week I shared two new videos: how to take better iPhone photos and the top 5 apps to edit and share photos on Instagram. So to recap:

How to be Insta Famous:

Step one: Take killer iPhone pics [Video 1] ✔️

Step two: Edit like a pro [Video 2] ✔️

Step three: Grow your following [Today's Video]

Today we’re taking a page out of Jimmy Fallon’s book and chatting hashtag hashtags and all things growth in the last video in our Insta series: 3 Ways to Grow Your Insta Following.

Feel free to invite JT over for to watch this one ;) and if you have no idea what I’m talking about googs search Jimmy + Justin hashtag bc YOU’RE WELCOME. Okay sorry got sidetracked. Let’s chat growing your following.

Listen, I’m obsessed with Instagram, but there was a time that wasn't the case.

I felt like it was just another popularity contest (does high school ever end? cue Drew Barrymore screaming: “I’m not Josie Grossi anymore!”) or there was no way a boring, basic mom like me could ever grow a business using Instagram.

Long story short: I was wrong, and if you’re thinking things like that right now, you are too.

Instagram can completely change your life, I know, because it has mine.

I wouldn’t be writing you this note right now, or wrapping a weekend filming my first ever commercial (what?!), or sitting in my very own dream studio if it wasn’t for Instagram. Plain and simple.

And all you need to get started is your iPhone, a message and the strategies I’m sharing with you right now.

ALSO THIS IS SO IMPORTANT SO DON’T STOP READING. (my gawshhh Shan dramatic much? but really I swear you don’t wanna miss this.) 

This week we’re announcing dates for my most popular free LIVE class: how to take amazing iPhotos and grow your biz with Instagram. Space is limited and will go fast, but obvi you want first dibs yes? Click here to get on the VIP waitlist.

K bye! gotta go Instagram (File under: things you should be saying right now ;)

xx, shan