Summer bod goals? We got you.

If Kanye's Workout Plan included pre- and post-workout snacks, THIS would be it.

If you’re hoping to get it right and get it tight for the summer (his words, not mine. no okay fine mine too)…

…you need a knockout plan for what to eat and when.

Getting that summer bod is 80% good nutrition and 20% exercise, and lucky for you, I’ve got some really simple (and oh ps bomb) ideas for your summer slim down.

(Did I mention cookie dough is involved? Cookie dough is involved.)

Spring is always a good time to check-in and hit the reset button, get outside and be more active with the warmer weather, plus I want you to feel your most confident yet this summer.

And if you’ve ever wondered, “what should I eat before and after a workout?” this video is for you.

After you watch, I’d love to hear what questions you have about workout nutrition!

If there’s anything Kanye and I can help with…

…one of us is here for you. (I just really can’t speak for him rn but I’m sure he’s there in spirit.)

xx shan