Introducing the brand new Nutrition Simply 🎉

ok hi! and welcome to the brand new nutrition simply!

Wait...what? There’s a new nutrition simply? I know. That kind of came out of left field. I can explain. But I won’t. Omg no I’m kidding I’ll explain. (and if you just want the “what’s new and different” version, keep scrolling.)

This summer I took a secret sabbatical.

Secret because 1, I’d never done this before and wasn’t quite sure if it would work out (it did) and sabbatical because holy crap I was so. effing. tired.  Four years ago as I was leaving my job at LifeTime Fitness to start my own business, I got the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten on starting a company:

“Build the business you want to have in ten years, not the one you think you need right now.”

This from a wise, wise, woman (and client of mine) who’d just sold her company for somewhere in the neighborhood of actually I have no idea but it was millions and more than I could comprehend at the time, so let’s just go with, alot. Clearly, she knew her stuff. Unfortunately, I could have listened better. (that cliffhanger tho. I know. I could write the book on season finales. No i’m kidding i couldn’t.)

I’ve had a lot of questions from you guys lately about how I actually started my business...

so I thought I’d give you a brief play-by-play, because to understand where we’re going, it’s important to see where it all started. (are these the lyrics to a high school graduation song somewhere? File under: questions to ask Siri later.)

Rather than break it down into dates–cuz honestly it’s all fairly fuzzy to me–I’m gonna break it down by phases.

Phase one: 1-on-1 nutrition coaching over the phone, word-of-mouth referrals only

This was the first (and arguably best) stage of my business because I really was pretty clueless about all the things you “need to do” to run a business, so I just did what I knew how to do, talk to people about nutrition and send invoices for my services. When a client and I finished our program together, they’d recommend a friend or two, and that was my whole business.

Side note: This is really just living proof that if you create a good program and deliver excellent client experience, your services market themselves. And I can say that with complete confidence without sounding like a narcissist because I learned everything I know about program creation and client experience from Jason Barry, MS, RDN (and if you’re anywhere near the Alpharetta, GA LifeTime GO SEE HIM. He’s a genius.)

Phase two: group nutrition coaching online, social media + blog marketing

I took maternity leave after my second was born (omg how she so cute?) and when I was ready to come back, I was also ready for a change, and ya, my word-of-mouth referrals were dwindling. I know I wanted a location-independent business because my husband had just started med school, and in 4 years there would be residency, then fellowship...anyway you get where I’m going. Enter the world of online business.

Ok pause, this shiz was way harder and more complicated than phase one. But with the work came the reward and for the first time I was making *good* money and making a bigger impact. It felt so good. Nutrition Simply was born as a personal brand and blog and it grew–quickly. So quickly that I started having businesses and other entrepreneurs reaching out to me for consulting. Enter: phase 3.

Phase three: 1-on-1 and group business coaching online, social media + paid FB ad marketing

This has arguably been the most rewarding and challenging phase in my business. In this phase I helped to launch a company at google, spoke to entrepreneurs at Harvard, was profiled in a (coming soon!) tv commercial, opened a brick-and-mortar storefront downtown, and have helped hundreds of wellness entrepreneurs share their message in a bigger way and impact more people. (my goshhh i love them so. You guys are the greatest.)

Basically this year has been a whirlwind and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support. None of this would be possible without you, and if I could hug you through the phone, wait no screw it. Doing it. 


...and then, exhausted and happy, I took the summer off to play with my kids, go to the beach, and play some more.

And for the first time in four years since that first conversation, I took the time to pause and think about the business I want ten years from now. Let me preface this with: I LOVE MY JOB. I love what I do and I’m going to *keep doing what I’m doing*.

But in the past few months there’s also a lot of space that’s opened up for me to do more.

In the beginning I wore all the hats–copywriter, head of sales, tech guy, on-screen personality, creative director, producer, product creator, honestly way too long and boring of a list to keep rattling off here. Today I’m incredibly lucky to have a few key players on my team and a short list of freelancers that are always happy to oblige to our requests, more space (hello 215A Twelfth Street!), and a wealth of knowledge from the past few years in business, meaning, I was left to decide–what’s next? And oh. my. gosh. I’M SO EXCITED.

Introducing the all new nutrition simply

Over the past year I’ve met, worked with, and been introduced to SO MANY TALENTED PEOPLE in the field of nutrition + wellness. I’ve helped some of them grow their brands and chatted strategy and behind-the-scenes over avocado toasts with others, and I wanted to create a place for us to come together and share what we know.

A place to share tutorials, how-tos, recipes and advice from trusted sources who know their stuff (but also like, know how to have a good time, you know?)

Yes, there are other wellness websites. Yes, there are other places to be “featured” as a nutritionist or wellness expert. But what felt so gaping and missing to me was a community. Just for us. Not a popularity contest or a who’s who of wellness–just smart, big-hearted people hanging out and sharing what they know in a super relatable, down-to-earth way.

So what is nutrition simply?

Nutrition Simply is a community of nutritionists + wellness experts sharing #nutritionsimply. It’s a place for recipes and wellness inspiration, classes, workshops and more–from you guys, the community.

Will you still be sharing content?

Yes, I’ll keep creating recipes and classes and try to post here about once a week (which honestly, is more than I’ve ever managed to keep up with) but the majority of what we share will be directly from you–our community.

Can anyone join the community?

Yes. Whether you want to share as a nutrition expert, or just trade recipe ideas and healthy cooking ideas, there’s a place for you here. We’ll be compiling your tips and tricks into free guides and classes, sharing your content via blog posts, live streams, social posts and more. For now, I’ll be acting as editor and art director as we get our feet wet, but if you know any amazing editors (or are interested in playing a role in the editorial team, by all means, hit me up)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here.

Thank you for your support as we’ve moved from phase-to-phase in our company, and it means the world to me that you’re supporting us in this next phase, too. (I’m just like, going out on a limb here and saying, if you read this far, you’re staying. and i love you.)  

So how do I join?

Gah so happy you asked! We’d love for you to:

1. Follow @nutritionsimply on Instagram

2.  submit to join the community here.

...and by all means! Tell me all your thoughts and feelings. This is a huge shift for us, but it feels so right, like such a natural next step for the company, that I really can’t imagine it growing any other way. Here’s to many many more years together. Or, as my kid would say “teamwork makes dreamwork!”  Ha! I’m such a cheeseball. (But it's true.) K! I’m dying to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment! Join the community! Let’s chat.

xx shan


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