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"I totally have time to make breakfast today" said no one (particularly in the month of September) ever. Enter: muesli-inspired *C E R E A L* made from ancient grains, nuts, seeds and fruits–perfect for those on-the-go mornings, adaptable for lots of different diets, friggin delicious and above all else (we kid, kind of)–Instagrammable.

This week, share a healthy "cereal" recipe, step-by-step tutorial, or highlight a special ingredient or superfood to help us all take our breakfast game up a notch (or three). Use the hashtag #nutritionsimply to be featured on @nutritionsimply and nutritionsimp.ly.

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ideas to get started:

Use a not-so-average base.

Think: toasted quinoa, cracked wheat, buckwheat, or keep it classic with rolled oats.

Fall flavors oh my!

Fresh blueberries never get old, but consider using  fall flavor favorites like apple cider, carrot cake, pumpkin chocolate chip, or cinnamon chai. 

Cereal and milk...or not.

We're down with your average bowl of cereal and milk, or you might get creative and do overnight muesli, frozen cereal yogurt pops, or use it as a topping on pancakes and muffins. Did someone say breakfast cookies? That was us. We did.

Give it an extra boost.

Maca powder for fertility? Ground turmeric for inflammation? Add your favorite nutritional powerhouse to the mix and tell us WHY you looove it (and why your followers should, too.)

Make it nutritionist-approved.

Do you know the best time to eat it after a workout, how to personalize it for weight loss or muscle-building? Have a secret only-known-by-nutritionists tip? Share that shiz.

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p.s. don't have the time or energy to take your own photo? Feel free to use any of the above photos on your Insta while linking to @nutritionsimply and use the hashtag #nutritionsimply in your post!

with love, the nutrition simply team
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