hashtag project // BEST OF PUMPKIN

Are you living and breathing all things fall yet?? We're layering on the fannel, sipping PSL, and hoping the weather will soon start to cooperate. 

With that in mind, this week's #nutritionsimply hashtag project is BEST OF PUMPKIN!

We're hoping you love pumpkin as much as we do, and you'll share a healthy pumpkin recipe, step-by-step tutorial, or helpful tip on your Insta feed!

Remember to add the hashtag #nutritionsimply to your submission for the chance to be featured here and on our site.⠀⠀


ideas to get started:

Use it in a not-so-average way

Think: pumpkin smoothie, chili base, or pumpkin brownies.

Fall flavors oh my!

What’s pumpkin without spice? Jazz up your pumpkin with pumpkin spice blend, cardamon, or pair with other fall favorites like apple cider or chai. ⠀

Savory vs. sweet?

Which team are you on? The possibilities are endless with an ingredient this versatile!

Fresh pumpkin > canned

BUT canned is so convenient. Give us your tips, cooking method, etc. so we can get on board with what all the cool kids are doing - aka cooking pumpkin. ⠀

Make it nutritionist-approved

Pumpkin will give you night vision. Okay, maybe not but vitamin A is great for your eyes… If you have a secret only-known-by-nutritionists tip? Share that shiz.⠀

p.s. don't have the time or energy to take your own photo? We get it. Feel free to use any of the photos or videos on nutritionsimp.ly on your Insta and add @nutritionsimply #nutritionsimply to your post!⠀

xx, the nutrition simply team⠀

@shannanmonson, @brittfusco @nourishedbynutrition