Free Live Masterclass: How to Take Amazing iPhotos

Tell me if this sounds like you: Awards you could win (but wish you couldn't):

"Instagram's best kept secret!"
"The 1 account you should be following, but have never actually heard of"
"Great content! But kinda, semi-okay pictures"

You want to step up your Insta game, but you're missing a crucial piece like:

  • a professional photographer to follow you around and take pictures of you all day, (quick! Blue Steel!)
  • an Instagram husband (do these even exist in real life? do we even want one? file under: existential questions)
  • a glam life with an unlimited clothing and design budget (if these do exist, let me be clear, I want one.)

GOOD NEWS. You don't *actually* need any of that to win at Instagram. 

When I started my Instagram account the closest thing I had was a 2 year old child obsessed with taking pictures of his toes and an extensive collection of seriously oversized, baggy t-shirts. Sound more like your life? I thought so.

Well, worry no more, because, ma friend, I got your back.

Join me for this FREE live masterclass: how to take amazing photos with your iPhone. 

I've used iphone photography to grow my Instagram following to over 11,000 and get re-posts in places like Women's Health, The Body Book, and Athleta and I'm sharing alllll my insider secrets in a brand new masterclass: how to take amazing iphotos.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the exact process I've used to take beautiful pics with my iPhone, get featured in major magazines and media outlets, and grow my business from my kitchen table in a teeny basement studio apartment into a global community.

In this free live class, you'll learn:

♦️ The 4 steps to take pictures that get you noticed and featured (for the non-photographer)

♦️ The #1 rule every photo I take follows (and why yours should too)

♦️ The top 2 apps you need to transform pictures from “pass” to “YASS!” (& how to use them)

You'll learn the step-by-step process to create beautiful, point and shoot iphotos, create a stunning, cohesive Instagram feed and get more likes, followers and Insta-fame, you cute thing you.

Don't snap another photo until you take this class. 

Okay 1, or 2, but definitely not 3. 

Ya, sign up before you take 3 more photos. That'd be good.

K see you soon!

xx shan