Introducing the nutrition simply hashtag project.


We're crowdsourcing nutrition, simply. No but literally. Here's how it works: you drop bomb wisdom–healthy(ish) recipes, quick tips, nutrition hacks–and use the hashtag #nutritionsimply.

We'll curate all that smart, smart knowledge into helpful guides, articles, videos and more to share on nutrition simply. Plus, we'll repost our favorite ideas and recipes on Insta, tag you in ev-ryy-thang (obvi) oh! and did we mention we'll give you free stuff for being awesome? Cuz. we. will. Each week we're hosting a special hashtag project, and hand picking winners to send free (but-actually-really-expensive-and-completely-worth-it) stuff. 

What's in it for me?

Wow, really? We're starting there? Okay. No no kidding this is a solid question. Short answer? A lot. 

Just like you, we're bloggers, fitness professionals, nutritionists, Instagrammers–and we just really get how hard it is to come up with new, fresh content each week, plan an editorial calendar, and also take good pictures to share alongside it. And also, could you please do all this in addition to your actual job because being an Instagrammer is not your full time job. So yeah, we get it.

We wanted to create a way to make your job *easier.* To give you inspiration of exactly what to post. To give you photos to use when you don't have the time or energy to take your own. To put your Insta handle in front of thousands of new followers and potential customers. And most importantly, to give you a supportive community to share stuff alongside of (this is bad grammar, we know, but like, just know, we want you to have Insta friends.)

Anything we've left out? Just drop us a note, we're constantly adding and improving. This is YOUR community and we'd love for you to help us create it.

I dig it. How do I join?

Here's how it works: Each week we'll announce via email and on Instagram (@nutritionsimply) a new #nutritionsimply project on a specific topic. You post to Insta using our photo (link it up) or create your own, and share a tip, recipe or literally anything helpful and use the hashtag #nutritionsimply in your post.

We love adding a bunch of hashtags to the comments too, but sharing it in the first 3 lines of your post ensures 1–we'll be able to see it and re-post it (!!!) and 2–your followers will be able to click on the hashtag and see all the other great tips your new fast friends in the community are sharing on the topic that week, too! 

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. or Everyone wins. Can't remember which if any is relevant here but the important thing is we literally can't wait to create alongside you, and are so flippin' excited you're here. Go team! (That one is def appropriate here.)

with love, the nutrition simply team
@shannanmonson, @brittfusco, and @nourishedbynutrition