3 Tips to Get your Picky Eaters to Pick More Veggies

I've talked to so many tired moms lately who've asked me in desperation "but what's your secret?!" clearly at their wits end and exhausted from trying everything under the sun to get their kids to eat healthy. (and also from all those piles of laundry. geesh!)

First let me say, dear mama– you're doing a knockout job, and your kids are going to turn out fabulous. Kids naturally crave the nutrients they need and are much more in tune with their bodies than most adults. It's normal for them to eat more some days and less others. Don't stress!

So let's get to it then. Getting your kids to love kale and get any reaction that's not a stank face to vegetables that aren't french fries is no easy feat, but it doesn't have to be rocket science. With a wee bit of patience and creativity, I'm here to tell you that mama, you've got this!

Here are my top three tips to help your kids eat well, simply and feel amazing.

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Start the day with vitamins.

Giving your kids gummy vitamins is hands down the easiest and best thing you can do to help your little ones get optimal nutrition. Plus, I'd be lying if I didn't say gummy vitamins kinda make me want to be 3. Just sayin.

All vitamins are not created equal though! Actually, a lot of brands are filled with sugar, artificial sweeteners, colorings and all sorts of preservatives and chemicals. 

Here's what to look for: 

Choose a vitamin that is GMO-free and has an ingredient list you can understand. We LOVE Olly Vitamins because they're super clean–no chemicals or artificial ingredients and just a tiny bit of real, organic sugar (you know, to help the medicine go down ;)

But wait, shouldn't I choose a vitamin without any sugar?

We think kids who eat their vitamins (and loooove them) are way better off than kids who refuse them. A tiny bit of pure, organic sugar is so much better than artificial sweeteners or refusing your vitamins altogether IMO. #ollykids

We recommend:

  • Mighty Immunity–the perfect immune-boosting concoction for cold season and flu season, so, every day.
  • Growing Bones–for healthy strong bodies and skeletal growth, if your kids have diary intolerances or don't love their leafy greens right now, this is a must!
  • Super Brainy–helps stimulate brain cell growth and encourages clear thinking and focus, especially good for kids who are allergic to fish or don't love eating their wild caught salmon ;)
  • Happy Tummy–perfect for sensitive digestive tracts and healthy gut flora balance, also if your little one has recently been on antibiotics, this is perfect to restore good bacteria in the stomach
kids green smoothie


Hide yo' veggies.

Blend those greens baby. Getting creative with your veggies is one of the best ways you can introduce them to your kiddos and establish, hey, this is how we eat around here.

Add greens like kale, spinach and swiss chard to soups, smoothies and low-sugar juices.

Make fries out of carrots, chips out of beets, pasta out of zucchini.  Take traditional dishes they already know and love, and reinvent them with a veggie version instead!

Also never ever ever underestimate the power of a really good dipping sauce. Wink, wink.


Make it a family affair.

Kids love to be involved. They love to have a say. So often what they eat or won't eat is about showing control. Having their own opinion. Get em up on the counter and let them help you dice those veggies (with a butter knife), spiralize those potatoes, and blend those greens.

Take them to the farmer's market with you, introduce them to your local farmers or better yet take em to pick your own! Explain what farm-to-table actually means! Kids love to learn–they'll be so much more excited about what's on their plate if they are a part of the process.

Also, make sure you set an example by practicing what you preach. (That's a given, right?) Provide options, but be firm–you can have whatever you want... of these options on the table, and if you don't want to eat right now, that's okay too! Also make it fun because food is fun. The end. 

Listen, my children don't eat perfectly. And yours won't either. No one's do. Except for maybe Jessica Alba's, but let's stay in reality, no? Just the simple act that you're thinking about how to feed your children better and making an effort speaks volumes to the kind of mother you are (or dad. you're a really good one.)

Now I wanna hear all your tips!

Comment below with your fave way to keep your kiddos feeling amazing.



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This post was sponsored by Olly Nutrition @ollynutrition. All opinions are 100% my own. Side note: I really think your kids will love these. Mine will literally. not. stop. eating them. They're delicious. They're top notch formulas, and they're a big hearted brand we love. Hope you enjoy!